Team Safety Knowledge Explanation and Guidance Manual


2023-04-10 11:57

1、 Strategic objectives for the safety officer position
On a daily basis, promote zero violations and zero hidden dangers in the team through safety and on-site self inspection before and after the shift.
2、 Job standards
1. Team safety construction: There is a comprehensive safety management system and safety operation procedures on site. The team leader is a part-time safety officer who has passed safety training and mastered the necessary knowledge and skills. They wear armbands on duty every day.
2. The pre-shift meeting will promote safety precautions, promote the 5-minute pre-shift safety activities, and keep records of the pre-shift meeting.
3. The safety officer of the team shall check the BOM according to the safety inspection of the team, record and feed back the problems. The team with more than 10 people shall check and feed back at least one problem every week, and five monthly indicators (bill of materials, BOM) refer to the list of parts and components required for the product and its structure.
Specifically, the bill of materials is a list of all sub assemblies, parts and raw materials that make up the parent assembly, as well as a list of the quantity of each type of parts required to manufacture an assembly. BOM, also known as product structure or formula, refers to the composition of materials (usually finished or semi-finished products, components) - which subordinate materials are composed of, the amount of each subordinate material used, and its corresponding properties.
4. Equipment operators must hold valid equipment work permits to operate the equipment, and unauthorized personnel are prohibited from operating the equipment. Wear work clothes, labor protection equipment (gloves, etc.) neatly, and prohibit carrying fireworks when entering the production workshop.
5. The device enters automatic operation mode and all protective barriers are closed. The interlocking protection of the equipment operates normally and is in automatic mode. Interlock switches are checked daily before and during shifts to ensure their effectiveness; It is strictly prohibited to extend any part of the body into the interior of the device. The rotating parts of the equipment must be equipped with protective covers. The equipment safety warning signs are intact and complete.
6. Special equipment operators must hold a special operation certificate and be within its validity period. Passed the inspection and has a certificate of conformity. The safety protection devices are complete and effective, and effective isolation measures are taken for hazardous areas, which are in good condition and in use. The safety operation regulations are prominently displayed. The safety facilities (safety valves, pressure gauges, lightning protection, explosion-proof, anti-static facilities, etc.) are intact and tested according to the specified time requirements.
7. Hazardous chemical operators are familiar with the chemical hazard characteristics and emergency measures, and the Chinese Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the hazardous chemicals used should be prominently posted on site. Storage, use, and recycling are managed by a dedicated person, with limited usage (same day usage) and surplus returned for storage; The electrical and lighting facilities in the storage area meet explosion-proof requirements; Wear anti-static shoes and clothing during work hours; The site is well ventilated and prolonged exposure is strictly prohibited; It is prohibited to use iron tools to open barrels of flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals.
8. The fire extinguisher is within its validity period, with no damage to its appearance, the pressure pointer in the green area, and the on-site quantity consistent with the ledger. The appearance of the fire hydrant is undamaged, the gun head and interface model meet the requirements, the water hose double roll meets the requirements, and the fire box is intact. The on-site operation union uses fire-fighting equipment, is able to call the police, escape, and pounce
Rescue the initial fire.
9. There are safety warning signs in key and critical areas, and there are no signs of loss or damage; The responsible person shall sign a responsibility letter, inspect the safety factors of key parts on time, and proficiently master the emergency response procedures. The alarm and exhaust devices remain in normal operation for 24 hours.
10. During the workshop team level safety training, a dedicated person will be arranged to track the effectiveness. The class hours meet the requirements, and the responsible person will master basic safety knowledge. New employees can only start internships after passing the three-level safety training and signing a safety responsibility letter.
11. Timely handle and report emergency events that occur on site as required to avoid adverse effects.
12. After the shift, close the water, electricity, gas, steam, and doors and windows, assign a dedicated person to manage the electrical equipment, and sign a safety responsibility letter.
3、 Content of pre class lecture
1) General standards:
The safety officer will spend 5 minutes before each shift to check safety and promote zero violations and hidden dangers inspection and evaluation projects for the team
1. Employees are in good mental condition - working without illness or fatigue
2. Inspection of carrying fireworks - work without fireworks
3. Wear complete labor protection equipment - do not work if unqualified
4. Understand safety regulations/process requirements - do not operate in violation of regulations
5. Safety of equipment, facilities, and tools - adequate protection and warning in place
6. Reporting of violations/hidden dangers - everyone follows rules and regulations