Enterprise Quality Credit Report


2023-04-10 11:56

Jiangsu Jinqiao Welding Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has established a "Enterprise Quality Credit Report" preparation group to fulfill its main responsibility for product quality, improve its awareness of quality integrity and legal system, and promote public supervision. The group is led by General Manager Liu Zhuanggen and Deputy General Manager Wang Lei, responsible for preparing the report and implementing it.
1. Objectivity Statement of Report Content: The "Enterprise Quality Credit Report" of Jiangsu Jinqiao Welding Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is written with an objective and fair attitude. The report content is true, effective, and in line with the actual situation of the enterprise. The report content includes the concepts, systems, and measures of enterprise quality concept, enterprise quality management, quality integrity management, quality management foundation, product quality responsibility, etc., and is regularly published, To accept social supervision and guidance.
2. Organizational scope of the report: All production and business activities of Jiangsu Jinqiao Welding Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Report time range: April 2022 to April 2023.
4. Report release cycle: This report is an annual report, with the next release date being April 2023.
5. Report Data Explanation: All data in this report are from the actual situation of the company or survey data.
April 1, 2022

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