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Safety Training Manual (1)

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SafetyTrainingManual(1) 1.SitesafetyrequirementsBeforeyouwork,makesureyouhavetheaboveitems. 2,helmetcolorclassificationForeasyidentification,wearahelmetaccordingtothecolorclassification.   3.Personalp
Safety Training Manual (1)
1. Site safety requirements

Before you work, make sure you have the above items.
2, helmet color classification

For easy identification, wear a helmet according to the color classification.
3. Personal protective equipment

Wear good personal protective equipment.


    Safety shoes can prevent or reduce foot injuries. Casual shoes, sandals and slippers are not allowed on the construction site.



When performing welding, cutting, sanding, etc., wear the relevant protective equipment required for this work.

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