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Welding workshop squad leader open campaign work dust settled

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The dust of the open campaign for the production workshop squad leader, which lasted more than 20 days, was settled. After the comprehensive evaluation and evaluation of the registration, departmental interview, general manager and multi-department joint interview, the five comrades, including Xiao Xiaoyong, were selected as the deputy squad leader of the welding and wire workshop of the production and sales department. During the second round of interviews held on February 26, General Manager Liu Zhuanggen served as the “Examination Officer” and other department managers served as “Examiners”, and 16 comrades who were hired were interviewed one by one. The applicants answered questions on how to do a good job of team management, how to complete production indicators, how to reduce production costs, how to do a good job in safety production and product quality, and how to do a good job. The examiners integrated a variety of factors such as job experience, work experience, daily work performance and on-site answers, and adopted a method of unnamed scoring, and finally decided to hire candidates.