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Stepping towards the goal of “zero” work injury

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On the afternoon of November 22, 2016, Huang Xiugui, deputy general manager of the group company, organized the heads of various departments of the company's production system, and held the 2016 annual safety production briefing on the third floor of the group's production.
    At the meeting, the company's Anji Environmental Protection Department reported on the company's overall safety production since the beginning of this year. The responsible persons of relevant departments also analyzed the safety problems and hidden dangers of the department, and clarified the future work priorities.
    According to the meeting, Vice President Huang made important instructions for the Group's next safe production work: he requested that efforts must be made to achieve the goal of safe production of “zero” work injuries. He said that the cost of industrial accidents is intangible, and that safety work should be taken seriously by everyone, and the dangers should be strictly controlled. Responsible for the heads of all departments to bear in mind the "ideas" that "hidden dangers are accidents, accidents must be dealt with", and it is necessary to strictly control the violations of the site with the "four irons" requirements of "iron, iron, iron, and iron". All departments are required to strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers, do a good job of checking the hidden dangers, and put an end to the safety hazards of “identical accidents”. Responsible persons in all departments must correct their attitudes and strengthen the implementation of their duties. Safety production must be selfless and safe. Work is the most important part of your leadership responsibilities. Leaders must bear the most important responsibility for safety accidents.
    In the end, Vice President Huang raised the hope that the responsible persons would treat the frontline employees as "their own children" in order to better carry out safety production work. At the same time, it is hoped that the responsible persons of various departments should reflect more and reflect frequently, clarify their weaknesses, strengthen safety management, put an end to safety risks, and move toward the goal of “zero” work-related injuries.