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Safety Training Manual (2)

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1.Enclosure/fenceDonotuseredandwhitewarningtapesorropesasenclosuresorfences. Rigidmaterialsthatcanwithstand>100kg/fareallowedtobeusedasenclosuresandfences. 2,high-altitudework  Whenworkinginahighplace

1. Enclosure/fence

当在高处作业时,应确保地面清洁,  将下部受影响的区域围护起来,安排监护人并张贴警示牌。

Do not use red and white warning tapes or ropes as enclosures or fences.

当在高处作业时,应确保地面清洁,  将下部受影响的区域围护起来,安排监护人并张贴警示牌。

Rigid materials that can withstand >100kg/f are allowed to be used as enclosures and fences.
2, high-altitude work
当在高处作业时,应确保地面清洁,  将下部受影响的区域围护起来,安排监护人并张贴警示牌。
When working in a high place, a hole, or a side, please fasten your seat belt and hang it.
当在高处作业时,应确保地面清洁,  将下部受影响的区域围护起来,安排监护人并张贴警示牌。

When you are working near the edge or the hole, hang up the seat belt.


当在高处作业时,应确保地面清洁,  将下部受影响的区域围护起来,安排监护人并张贴警示牌。

When working at heights, make sure the floor is clean.
Enclose the affected area in the lower part, arrange the guardian and post a warning sign.