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labour is the honour

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labouristhehonour ——WritingontheoccasionoftheMay1stInternationalLaborDay      Todayisthe"May1st"InternationalLaborDay.Firstofall,paytributetoallthestaffwhoarestickingtotheirjobs.IwishyouallahappyMayDa
labour is the honour
——Writing on the occasion of the May 1st International Labor Day
         Today is the "May 1st" International Labor Day. First of all, pay tribute to all the staff who are sticking to their jobs. I wish you all a happy May Day!
The "May 1st" International Labor Day is a festival of the working class and the working masses around the world. The Second International, founded by Engels, clearly set May 1, 1890 as the first International Labor Day, and the historical wheel has passed 127 years.
The socialist concept of honor and disgrace with the content of eight honors and eight shames is: "It is a shame to be proud of hard work and be ashamed of good and evil." This is a full affirmation and encouragement to all workers.
How proud is labor? Why is labor so noble? Because labor is the mother of wealth, all the material achievements, scientific and technological achievements, and cultural and artistic achievements enjoyed by human beings are all products of labor. Throughout history, just like Luban and Li Bing... Every skilled craftsman has succeeded in learning from the usual labor. In the 1960s, "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi has always inspired people's Chinese space spirit, Chen Jingrun, who took the crown of mathematics, Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, the "most beautiful workers" in various fields in the new era, ... used by countless laborers Wisdom and sweat compose the most beautiful songs, and use diligence and creativity to interpret the highest spiritual light of mankind and look forward to the future of beauty and hope. Without labor, there will be no human beings now; without labor, society will not be able to develop; without labor, human beings will become useless.
The facts tell us that nothing in the world can match labor. This is because labor is the source of all joy and happiness in the world; the most beautiful things in the world are created by the wisdom and hard work of laborers. Labor has created a beautiful world, and labor has created countless human miracles.
        Similarly, in our Jinqiao, Jiangsu, every technological innovation, every invention patent, every breakthrough in production and sales and the realization of the annual goal are all achieved through the hard work of the employees. Without the hard work of everyone, there will be no gradual improvement in the income of employees, and there will be no continuous development of enterprises! To achieve the goals of the company this year and the 13th Five-Year Plan, we still need the unremitting efforts and hard work of all employees.
The era in which we live is a great era of inspiring people. A well-off society has been built in an all-round way, and a socialist modernized country with rich, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious relations has been built. It is fundamentally dependent on labor and labor. No matter how the conditions of the times change, we must always advocate labor and respect for laborers, and always attach importance to the role of the working class and the broad masses of working people. This is the great significance of our commemoration of the "May 1st" International Labor Day today.
Labor is the most glorious, labor is the most noble, labor is the greatest, and labor is the most beautiful. This is the conclusion of the people's practice of creating history, and it is our firm belief to continue to create the future. Let us advocate the love of labor, advocating labor, carrying forward the dedication of work, striving for a first-class model of labor and the spirit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence, and sharing the happiness of labor creation with people around us. Let us sing the song of labor for the bright future of Jiangsu Jinqiao, for the happy tomorrow of each of our families, fight hard all the way, sing all the way, enjoy the beauty of labor, and contribute the fruits of labor!
劳动最光荣  ——写在“五一”国际劳动节之际           今天是“五一”国际劳动节,首先向坚守在工作岗位的全体员工致敬,祝大家五一节快乐!  “五一”国际劳动节是全世界工人阶级和劳动群众的节日。从恩格斯领导成立的第二国际明确将1890年5月1日定为第一个国际劳动节起,历史车轮已走过127年。  以八荣八耻为内容的社会主义荣辱观提出:“以辛勤劳动为荣,以好逸恶劳为耻”,这是对所有劳动者的充分肯定和鼓励。  劳动何以为荣?劳动何以崇高?因为劳动是财富之母,人类所享受的一切物质成果、科技成果、文化艺术成果无一不是劳动的产物。纵观历史,正如鲁班、李冰……每一位能工巧匠无一不是从平时的劳动中汲取经验而取得成功的。上世纪60年代的“铁人”王进喜,一直激励人们的中国航天精神,摘取数学皇冠明珠的陈景润,“杂交水稻之父”袁隆平,新时期各个领域的“最美职工”,……无数劳动者用智慧与汗水谱写出最美之歌,用勤劳与创造诠释人类最高尚的精神之光,展望着未来的美好与希望。没有劳动,就没有现在的人类;没有劳动,社会便得不到发展;没有劳动,人类将变得一无是处。  事实告诉我们,世界上没有什么事物能够与劳动相媲美。这是因为,劳动是世界上一切欢乐和幸福的源泉;世界上最美好的东西,无一不是由劳动者靠智慧和勤劳创造出来的。劳动创造了美好世界,动就没宣
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