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Development progress of the technical transformation project of Ding Hekou and Zhong Chunrui, leaders of Hailing District, Taizh

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On the afternoon of March 30th, the Standing Committee of the Hailing District Party Committee, the deputy head of the deputy district, Ding Hekou, the Standing Committee of the Hailing District Party Committee and the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hailing Industrial Park, Zhong Chunrui came to our company to inspect the new high-powered automobile engine this year. Progress in the implementation of the technical improvement project for wear-resistant high-nitrogen austenitic gas valve steel rods.
3月30日下午,海陵区委常委、常务副区长丁和扣,海陵区委常委、海陵工业园区党工委书记仲春瑞来我公司,考察今年新上的“汽车发动机用高强耐磨高氮奥氏体气阀钢棒”技改项目实施进展情况。      丁和扣、仲春瑞一行实地察看了项目建设现场,听取了项目建设负责人、生产销售部副经理刘俊的情况汇报。据介绍,气阀钢棒技改项目计划总投资6500万元,主要生产汽车发动机用银棒材产品。该项目从2月22日基建动工以来,目前已完成车间地面改造、设备管道铺设、设备订购等项工作。项目将新增自动磨床等生产设备13台套,钢棒涡流探伤设备等检验检测设备19台套。项目全部达产后,预计可年产特种高性能气阀钢棒产品4000吨,年新增销售1亿2000万元,实现利润900万元,税收600万元。目前,一期设备已到厂4台套,预计4月10日进入试生产阶段。    区领导丁和扣、仲春瑞对我公司根据市场需求加大技改投入、及时调整新品、加快项目实施进度给予充分肯定和好评,希望项目早竣工、早达产、早受益,为全区经济社会发展多做贡献。
  Ding Hekou and Zhong Chunrui and his entourage inspected the project construction site and listened to the report of Liu Jun, the person in charge of the project construction and deputy manager of the production and sales department. According to reports, the gas valve steel bar technical transformation project plans to invest a total of 65 million yuan, mainly producing silver bar products for automotive engines. Since the start of the infrastructure construction on February 22, the project has completed the ground transformation of the workshop, the laying of equipment and pipelines, and equipment ordering. The project will add 13 sets of production equipment such as automatic grinders and 19 sets of inspection and testing equipment such as steel rod eddy current testing equipment. After the project is fully put into production, it is expected to produce 4,000 tons of special high-performance gas valve steel rod products annually, with an annual sales of 120 million yuan, a profit of 9 million yuan and a tax of 6 million yuan. At present, the first phase of the equipment has reached 4 sets of plants, and it is expected to enter the trial production stage on April 10.
   District leaders Ding Hekou and Zhong Chunrui fully affirmed and praised our company for increasing technical investment, timely adjustment of new products and speeding up the implementation of the project according to market demand. We hope that the project will be completed as early as possible, early in production, and benefited early. Social development contributes more.