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Hou Lizun, Chairman of Jinqiao Welding Materials: China's oldest richest man

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ItisdifficulttodefineHouLizunwithaclearidentity. HeisafamousexpertinweldingrodmanufacturinginChina,aseniorexpertintheworldofweldingconsumables.AsstatedintheawardspeechoftheChinaWeldingLifetimeAchievem
It is difficult to define Hou Lizun with a clear identity.
He is a famous expert in welding rod manufacturing in China, a senior expert in the world of welding consumables. As stated in the award speech of the China Welding Lifetime Achievement Award, the scientific research he created has created the Chinese era of the world of welding consumables.
He is a well-known scholar, and has written more than a dozen professional papers such as "Invention and Creation of Reduced Ilmenite" and "Application of Reduced Ilmenite in Titanium-Calcium Electrode". After Tianjin Electric Welding Co., Ltd. founded the "72" University, he edited his many years of scientific research into "Electronic Welding Rod Manufacturing" as a textbook for college students. He is also a successful entrepreneur. He founded Jinqiao Welding Materials Group in the Year of Huajia. He is currently the chairman and general manager of Jinqiao Welding Materials Group. Under his management, Jinqiao has established 2 branches and 10 subsidiaries. More than 6,000 employees, total assets of more than 2 billion yuan.
He devoted himself to charity and donated 35 million yuan to build the School of Nursing of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to train senior nursing talents. In order to highlight his contribution to education, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine named the School of Nursing as “Hou Lizun School of Nursing”.
At the same time, he is also the oldest richest man in the 2010 Hurun Report.
Under the aura of these identities, he himself said, "I am a weirdo."
Old 骥 枥 枥
Xiao Dong just went to Jinqiao Company for 3 months. She said that when she first came to the company to participate in job training, she heard many colleagues say, “To Jinqiao, it is good for the boss, and Jinqiao’s corporate culture is good.”
Li Hongmei, director of the office, said: "The life of the chairman is very simple. Dressed plainly, there are no famous brands all over the body; eating simply, sometimes eating white water to cook vegetables; not driving a luxury car, the family once bought him a BMW, he Feeling too extravagant, let the family retreat the BMW."
Like Li Hongmei said, with silver hair, black windbreaker, black cloth shoes, if it is not the wisdom of the eyes, it is difficult to link Hou Lizun and Hurun’s board of directors of the Jinqiao Welding Materials Group with assets of more than 2 billion yuan. .
Xiao Dong said that she is mainly responsible for the administrative work of several vice presidents of the company. Although there are not many opportunities for direct contact with the chairman, Hou Lizun is busy with the company every morning, and I still admire Xiao Dong: "The chairman is 87 years old. Now, I work in the same line every day. This is not something that ordinary people can do.
However, Hou Lizun is really not an ordinary person. In his own words, "Weirdo", and blame from an early age. Hou Lizun said that he is not smart, and even a bit "stupid." When I was young, because he did not do any games, no children would like to take him to play. At the age of 13, there were 66 people in the class, and he was the 22nd place for each exam. It lasted for two years. At that time, he knew that he was "not refined or spiritual, and he could not speak."
However, it is such a "stupid" person who designed and independently developed the "spiral press coater" in the 1950s, and subsequently developed the "tunnel kiln drying furnace" and "automatic chain drying". Machines and other sets of electric welding rod mechanized production equipment, ending the history of China's manual production of welding electrodes. He said that although he is not smart, he has wisdom, and only a wise person can become a big event.
Experimental field using technology as a company
Hou Lizun’s first “weird” is that he can do things. He said that since he was young, he has never failed because he is looking for what he wants to do.
When Hou Lizun was young, his family was very poor. At that time, his mother and grandfather were the most affected. "My mother is a very strong person. Her personality has a great influence on me. When I was a child, my mother was very strict with me. Two times I was wrong and I was beaten." Hou Lizun said that his grandfather loves him very much. But love is in my heart. After he was fifteen or six years old, he asked Grandpa why you have been so strict with me. Grandpa only said one sentence: "Advise will be better than a radical."
The strictness of family education has developed Hou Lizun’s stubborn personality. Because of family poverty, he often had hypoglycemia when he was a child. He would doze off during class. At this time, he would lick his own legs and think about "calling you to read badly." Until the age of 87 this year, he has encouraged himself to do better in this life.
As a well-known welding material expert in China, Hou Lizun has achieved many first in China in terms of welding electrodes. Most people will choose to spend their old age after they become famous. However, Hou Lizun founded the Jinqiao Group at this age.
In this regard, Hou Lizun said, "My goal is 120 years old, the goal is set long, and the requirements for life are different. I lost my mother in early life and my life is very poor. When I was 16 years old, I entered this line as an apprentice. This is For decades, I have completed the high school course in order to develop the welding rods belonging to the Chinese, and I have completed the chemistry major university course in my spare time for three years. At that time, I had a goal to let China's welding consumables reach. International advanced level. Until the age of 62, I retired from the Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group, I still remember the welding consumables, I can't let it go. So I run the business not to be the boss, I am building a welding industry. R&D base. Jinqiao Welding Materials Group is the experimental field of new technology in China's welding consumables industry."
Doing a business is a win-win situation.
"Doing business is not profitable." It is Hou Lizun's second "weird." When he negotiated with the dealers, the dominant idea was "win-win and complementary advantages." Doing business wants to maximize the benefits, but Hou Lizun has put forward 8 major interests, so that companies that cooperate with Jinqiao Group can make profits.
In addition, he is good at self-reflection and finds his own "wrong" every day. He said that he used to be too strict with his children and grandchildren. Later he understood that everyone is different. So I wrote this sentence and kept reminding myself.
The welding consumables industry is very competitive in the international arena. Hou Lizun is hard to create a "blood road" with his perseverance and perseverance. Hou Lizun profoundly understands the characteristics of Jinqiao, that is, the equipment is independently developed, so that more advanced equipment can be used at a lower cost.
In addition, he put forward the idea of ​​"win-win". He said, "Doing business can't be profitable. I am vigorously cultivating middlemen in various places. Once mature, I will cancel the distribution office established by the company and replace it with middlemen. I know that middlemen occupy the best of time, geography, and people. They earned Money will give the company a hard time to make money. The main task of our Jinqiao Group is to do a good job and win the quality. This step by step out of the Jinqiao Group's own competitiveness."
He is so valued for technological innovation, and he also has a lot of experience on how to retain innovative talents. Jinqiao Enterprise has the most advanced automatic dusting machine in the world and was developed by Hou Lizun's second son. Hou Lizun said that their father and son have a bad temper, but he reminds himself every day that he can't use his parents' shelf to suppress his son, and this is his attitude towards talent - tolerance.
Similarly, Hou Lizun knows that being a leader is tolerant and understands the truth of good deeds. "It is very difficult to have a good technician now. The outstanding technical staff in my company can get 1 million yuan a year, which is higher than my own salary. And I am 'squatting' with them, let them play their own advantages. come out." 
Create conditions for employees to “strengthen”
The boss is working with the staff, this is Hou Lizun’s third “weird”. He said that since he was in his 70s, he no longer engaged in specific technical work. After completely shifting from a technical position to a management position, he believed that all employees were working for him. “哄” has become a magic weapon for him to create a good working atmosphere for employees and give full play to their potential.
He does not admit that he is a businessman. As a person who has dealt with technology for the rest of his life, he feels that running a business is nothing more than having to do it to test new technologies. He said that he has been engaged in technical work for most of his life. The China Welding Association and China Welding awarded him the "China Welding Materials Lifetime Achievement Award". This award is given because of the contribution in welding consumables, not the results of business operations.
Hou Lizun is very clear about his own position and is the manager of the company. He said, "I will not run a business before I founded Jinqiao Group. I just study by myself and cross the river by feeling the stones. I think the manager is to let the company's managers and technicians hold the group. One place, and my job is to create conditions for them to work hard. My strategic goal for the Jinqiao Welding Materials Group is to move towards a hundred years, not to go or not, and to move forward step by step. ”
Repaying the society and serving the people are the social responsibilities of the enterprise
At the same time, Hou Lizun is also enthusiastic about charity. On June 8, 2010, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine signed an agreement with Hetong Senior Citizens Foundation. Mr. Hou Lizun donated RMB 35 million to build the School of Nursing of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to train senior nursing talents. Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Education Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Li Lijun, former Minister of Civil Affairs Cui Naifu, and old comrade Cao Xiurong attended the donation activities. Relevant comrades and representatives of teachers and students from relevant departments of the city and the University of Chinese Medicine participated.
During the meeting, Yan Lijun spoke highly of Mr. Hou Lizun’s donation and subsidy, and expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Civil Affairs for its support to Tianjin Development. He said that the municipal party committee and the municipal government have conscientiously implemented General Secretary Hu Jintao's work on the "four efforts" and attached great importance to efforts to improve the people's livelihood. With the rapid development of the economy and society and the arrival of an aging society, the people's attention to physical health has been increasing, and the demand for high-level nursing staff has become increasingly urgent. Mr. Hou Lizun is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. While developing the enterprise, he does not forget social responsibility and supports the development of education and health. It reflects the long-term strategic vision and reflects the noble character of caring for others and contributing to society. It is hoped that Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will take this opportunity to further accelerate the construction of relevant disciplines and personnel training, and strive to build a first-class nursing college, which will live up to the ardent expectations of all parties.
In his speech, Hou Lizun said that returning to the society and serving the people is the social responsibility of the enterprise. It will accelerate the development of the enterprise, pay more attention to the people's livelihood and people's livelihood, and make greater contributions to the development of the elderly.
It is understood that in order to highlight the contribution of Hou Lizun to donate education, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine named the School of Nursing as “Hou Lizun School of Nursing”. “Hou Lizun Nursing College” is located in the new campus of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a total construction area of ​​10,000 square meters. It will start construction in the second half of this year and will be put into use in 2011.
Smart is not "small" wisdom is "big"
Hou Lizun has two opinions on himself. One is "weird" and the other is "stupid", but he has achieved great success in his career. As he himself said, people who are big things are smart and not smart.
Smart people, with advanced intelligence, can often solve in a short time when they encounter difficulties. But cleverness is often referred to as "small". Many smart people are arrogant and arrogant. They think that their success will be easier than the average person. Such people become impetuous and proud. This kind of characteristic will lead to ultimate failure.
Everyone probably has this experience. When I was in elementary school, a classmate was recognized as a smart child. He never reviewed his homework, but his performance was among the best. In this way, he has been using the same attitude in middle school and university. The final result is that he is drowned in the army of graduates and job seekers. He may have spent the ordinary life in this way, and he will not have envious eyes when he sees him in the past.
Hou Lizun is not smart. He has no enviable test scores, but he is modest and cautious, and he is steady and steady. Now he is more successful than his classmates. He can be called a wise man.
Although all people want to have great wisdom, small cleverness can be learned, but great wisdom can only be realized by oneself, not just by simple imitation and learning.
Hou Lizun does not understand business. He looks at "Historical Records" and learns "Zi Zhi Tong Jian". He explores his own business methods in practice. He is not afraid of mistakes, introspects every day, and advances from his own mistakes. This is great wisdom. Therefore, Hou Lizun is by no means a weirdo. He should be a strange person.
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