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Material Purchasing Department - Equipment Procurement
Job Responsibilities:
1. Understand and master the market conditions and do a good job in purchasing the powder required by the company;
2. Strictly implement the procurement plan, make the order work, and ensure that the materials purchased meet the specifications and requirements;
3. According to the procurement demand, sign the sales contract and create a purchase order;
4. Prepare the procurement plan and control the delivery time;
5. Do a good job in the market research of the raw materials market, develop new suppliers, and track sample trials;
6. Conduct material purchase bargaining according to market conditions, and report the bargaining result to the department leader for approval;
7. Handling the quality of materials and subsequent compensation issues;
8. Communicate and coordinate with the supplier regarding the delivery date and delivery quantity;
9. Track the execution of orders, supervise the timely arrival of purchased materials, guarantee inventory and meet production needs;
10. Collect supplier qualification materials and update supplier files in a timely manner;
11. According to the requirements of the technical department, standardize the supplier's supply standard, sign a technical agreement, and update and file it in time;
12. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
job requirements:
1. Education level: Have a college degree or above.
2. Work experience: 2 years of relevant work experience.
3. Essential knowledge: Understand the company's quality policy and objectives, and be able to contact with your own work; be familiar with the duties and norms of this position, be able to implement the company's regulations in practice; familiar with basic Office software operations.
4. Skills and Skills: Familiar with the production process, procurement standards and procurement process of the industry; have the ability to analyze, judge and develop innovation; have certain technology in the machinery industry.
5. Personal qualities: comply with national laws and regulations, keep company secrets, and protect the company's interests; work rigorous, dedicated, easy-going, have a high sense of responsibility; have good written and verbal skills and communication and coordination skills.
Shuttle route:
1. Hongqiao District (West Railway Station 6:40---Honghuli Subway Station 6:45---White Temple 6:55)
2, Hedong District (Fast Road Wanxin Village 7:10---Zhangguizhuang Light Rail Station 7:25)
         (Dongli Expressway Huachang Road 7:00---Tangkou 7:05---Zhongshanmen 7:15)
3, Hexi District (Cangwu Road 7:00---China Petroleum Bridge 7:05--Fuxingmen 7:15---18th Bureau 7:20)
4, Tanggu District (Development Zone Factory 6:45---Xiaoyuan 6:50---Groundway 7:00---Victory Hotel 7:05---Station North Road 7:08---Qing Huaqing City 7:20---Western New City 7:23)