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Message from General Manager
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Message from General Manager

Learn from Lei Feng based on their posts’ strive to be an excellent staff of Jinqiao

On the same day 54 years ago, Chairman Mao Zedong summoned the Chinese "to learn from Comrade Lei Feng”.
In all his life, Comrade Lei Feng love collectives and his job. He was thrift, diligent, selfless, and enjoyed helping others; he was loyal to the party, to the country, and to the revolution. Over half a century, the activities of learning from Lei Feng has been relayed on the land of the Chinese nation, and Lei Feng spirit has been carrying forward, nurturing and inspiring generation after generation of the Chinese people throughout their growth.
Lei Feng spirit has the infinite charm that transcends time and space. It is an ever brilliant flag that never fades. Lei Feng spirit conforms to the trend of social progress, highlighting our party's advanced character. It is the valuable spiritual wealth of the whole party and the whole society. The value, belief and ideal of Lei Feng spirit have become an important part of the socialist core value system. The professional ethics, social morality, hard work and studious spirit have become the endogenous motivation of the harmonious society.
To deepen the study of Lei Feng and promote the spirit of Lei Feng in the new situation plays a positive role of guidance and promotion in encouraging people to establish lofty ideals, carry forward the ideology of loving the party, the country and socialism, and the professional ethics, and cultivate and practice the socialist core values. It will also stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society in moral construction, and form the civilized custom that leads social progress.
In learning from Lei Feng, our employees should start from their own post, love and respect their jobs, and strive to be a good staff. Aiming at the goal of fulfilling a sales volume of 300 million yuan in 2017, and profits and taxes of 17 million yuan, Jiangsu Jinqiao is vigorously implementing the optimization of product structure, increasing the scale of production, creating new technology projects and a number of other initiatives. The company issued a mobilization order of “striving to achieve new glories in production and sales” to all employees. At the same time, they have put forward the goal of achieving 500 million yuan of sales, and profits and taxes of 25 million yuan in the last year sales of the 13th Five Year period. We should learn from Lei Feng by being based on our post, and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and closely follow the pulse of the times. We should constantly enrich the spiritual content of "learning from Comrade Lei Feng”, further study Comrade Lei Feng’s unlimited loyalty to the party and the country, his spirit of helping others, selfless dedication, and wholeheartedly serving the people, carry forward Lei Feng’s professionalism of being willing to serve as a "screw" for the revolution, his “nail spirit” of assiduously studying, the fine style of hard work, unity and cooperation, to strive to complete the annual objectives and tasks, and actively explore new futures for Jiangsu Jinqiao.
To learn from Lei Feng based on the post requires each of our employees to learn Lei Feng’s lofty ideal and conviction, trying to be a person who has firm conviction with the party, loves the company, and loves the collective. Our employees should consciously closely connect their own fate with the fate of the company, love the company the same way as they love their family, consciously safeguard the interests of the enterprise and the corporate image, share weal and woes with the company, and achieve their own value through their diligent work and excellent performance at the post.
To learn from Lei Feng based on the post requires each of our employees to learn Lei Feng’s diligence and dedication spirit, and be an innovative person who is dedicated to his job. They should follow Comrade Lei Feng, who never felt satisfied nor slack in study, and adopt the squeezing “spirit of nails”; they should love and feel dedicated to their daily work, and become a "screw" that never get rusted; they should carry forward the craftsmen spirit, pursue, elaboration, excellence and perfection at work, to achieve perfect product quality, and have the product pass rate increased to 99.99%.
To learn from Lei Feng based on the post requires each of our employees to learn Lei Feng’s loving to help others, his sense of responsibility, altruism, unity and friendship. Lei Feng treated comrades with spring-like warmth, granted benefits and enjoyment to others, while leaving harshness and labor to himself, regarded helping others as the greatest happiness in life. Comrade Lei Feng to learn, as Comrade Lei Feng, subject to organizational arrangements, take into account the overall situation, helping others, as long as the production needs, regardless of post, take the initiative to play. Party members, members of the Communist Youth League, the team leader and the above staff should do unity and cooperation of the example, do the work of fearless, and dare to pick the burden.
To learn from Lei Feng based on the post requires each of our employees to learn Lei Feng’s thrift and hard work, and be an austere, simple and noble people. Comrade Lei Feng followed the example of comrades who had the highest enthusiasm at work, and those who had the lowest standard of living. To learn from Comrade Lei Feng, we should learn from him in this respect, and resolutely oppose extravagance and waste, respect the interests of the collective, insist on practicing thrift in running the business, save energies and lower consumptions, and become a person of high morality and cultivation.
To learn from Lei Feng based on the post requires each of our employees to learn Lei Feng’s honesty and integrity and be an honest, trustworthy, and pragmatic person. Lei Feng was willing to be a "fool" in the cause of the revolution; he was truthful in his words and his actions; he was an honest person. He loved whatever he was assigned to do, and tried to be an expert in it. He words are consistent with his deeds. To learn from Comrade Lei Feng, we must follow him in being responsible and trustworthy and observing the rules in front of temptations, challenges, and tests, and try to be an honest and trustworthy person. In particular, party members and comrades at the executive positions or above should be a "fool" as Feng Feng regarded himself, be loyal to the enterprise, keep his words, enhance the execution force, develop the good quality of integrity and the pragmatic work style of truth-seeking.
We must further deepened and expand the activities of learning from Lei Feng, and actively practice the spirit of “taking efforts to transcend and pursue excellence" and the core values of “integrity, responsibility, innovation, dedication", constantly strengthen learning and training, enhance professional skills, strive to improve the level of operation and work skills, and effectively transform the spirit of Lei Feng to motive force for doing well in their jobs. We should follow the outstanding staff around us as an example, catch up with the advanced, and forge ahead, to create extraordinary performances at their ordinary posts, carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, and strive to be a good staff of Jinqiao.
(General Manager Liu Zhuanggen)